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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری
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A time for love

March 13th 2009 in English

if a loved one has departed,and left an empty space,seek the inner stillness,set a slower pace.take time to remember,allow urself to cry,acknowledge your emotions,let sadness pass on by.then center in the oneness,remember god is here,death is but a change in form,your loved one is still near.treat urself with kindness,allow urself to feel,god will do the […]

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K Tum Meri Poori Zindagi Ho

February 18th 2018 in Urdu Shayari

Kabhi Kabhi Ye Kyun Lagta Hai Ke Tum Meri Poori Zindagi Ho Aur Mein Tumhara Ik Lamha Bhi Nahi کبھی کبھی یہ کیوں لگتا ہے کے تم میری پوری زندگی ہو اور میں تمہارا اک لمحہ

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Barasti Hui Raat

Na jee bhar ke dekha na kuch baat ki,Bari aarzoo thee mulaaqat ki. Shab-e-hijar tak ye tashweesh hai,Musaafir ne jaane kahan raat ki.!! Muqaddar meri chashm pur aab ke,Barasti huee raat barsaat ki.Ujaalon ki paryan nahaane lagein,Naddi gungunayi khayaalat ki. Main chup tha to chalti hawa ruk gayi,Zabaan’ sab samajhte hain jazbaat ki. Kayee saal […]

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Jin Ka Milna Muqaddar Mein Na Ho

Jin Ka Milna Muqaddar Mein Na Ho Un Se Muhabbat Kamal Ki Hoti Hain جن کا ملنا مقدّر میں میں نہ ہو ان سے محبّت کمال کی ہوتی ہیں

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Nafrat si ho gaye hai muhabbat ke naam se

Guzar rahe hai jis makam se Nafrat si ho gaye hai muhabbat ke naam se گزر رہے ہے جس مقام سے نفرت سی ہوگئی ہے محبّت کے نام سے

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Teri kismat ka likha tujhsay koi lay nahi sakta

Teri kismat ka likha tujhsay koi lay nahi sakta Agar bharosa hai Khuda per tou tujhay woh bhi mil jayega Jo Tera ho nahi saka تیری قسمت کا لکھا تجھ سے کوئی لے نہیں سکتا اگر بھروسہ ہے خدا پر تو تجھے وہ بھی مل جاےگا جو تیرا ہو نہیں سکا

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An Offering of the Heart

The pieces of me Were falling through the cracks The pieces of me Shattered from the past These pieces I’ve Been missing so long You’ve put them back Where they belong In your shirt pocket Grazing your chest Where those pieces are safe And can be loved best You’ve found those shards Where someone’s thrown […]

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Jeena chahte hai magar zindagi raas nahi Aati

Jeena chahte hai magar zindagi raas nahi Aati, marna chahte hai magar maut paas nahi Aati, Bahut Udaas hain hum is zindagi se, Kismat bhi Tadpaney se Baaz nahi Aati جینا چاہتے ہے پر مگر زندگی راس نہیں آتی مرنا چاہتے ہے مگر موت پاس نہیں آتی بہت اداس ہیں ہم اس زندگی سے قسمت […]

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Mohabbat Ke Tarazoo Mein Na Tolo MujhKo

Mohabbat Ke Tarazoo Mein Na Tolo MujhKo Wafa Pe Poora Utra To Bahot Pachtaoge Tum…. محبّت کے ترازو پر نہ تولو مجھ کو وفا پے پورا اترا تو بہت پچتاہو گے تم

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Last Night

Last Night I lost my grip on reality and welcome insanity Love saw me and said, I showed up. Wipe you tears and be silent. I said, O Love I am frieghtened but it’s not you. Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. be silent ~ Rumi

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