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Friendship is Love

Friendship is love,
Without friendship love means nothing!
Without friendship love is empty…
Without friendship love is boring…!

Friendship means sharing…
People learn to share from friendship,
Share everything they have in life,

Friendship is like stars,
Even though we always see them together
Always mean to each other…
Sometimes they argue!

Friendship is like flower,
Soft but strong!
Friendship is like sun,
Bright and beautiful!

Friendship is everything in life,
Life without friendship is like life without air…
Life without friendship is like eats without food
Life without friendship is like body without soul…

Friendship is wide!
Anybody can be our friend,
Our parents, our grandparents, our sister,
our brother and even our school principal!

Is everything!

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I Believethat we don’t have to change friendsif we understand that friends change.I Believethat no matter how good a friend is,they’re going to hurt you everyonce in a while and you must forgivethem for that.I Believethat true friendship continues to grow,even over the longest distance.Same goes for true love.I Believethat you can do something in […]

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