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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

I Guess I’m Missing You

English - awesome comments

You Were on My Mind When I Woke Up This Morning
Remembering Your Smile
I Guess the Next Time I’ll See Your Face
Will Take a Little While
I Was Remembering Your Arms Around Me
Love the Way They Always Feel Warm
With You by My Side
I Completely Feel No Harm
I Was Remembering Your Voice
Makes My Heart Skip a Beat
but Without You Baby
My Whole Body’s Weak
I Was Remembering Our Times
the Good and the Bad
the Funny Times When You Cheered Me Up
and Especially the Sad
Remembering Your Eyes
How They Always Meet Mine
Remembering All the Little Things You Do
to Make My Life Worthwhile
I Was Wondering When We’ll Be Together
Just Us Two
I Guess I’m Missing You More Than I Usually Do

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