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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Keep The Love Light Burning

English - awesome comments

Keep The Love Light Burning
always shining bright
keep that love within your heart
both day and night

For love is such a gentle thing
that needs to be handled with care
with a lot of patience and understanding
To keep it always there

For if that flame ever goes out
and there’s darkness all around,
you will never rekindle that flame again
no matter how hard you try

so keep that love light burning
and never let it flicker,
keep it locked inside
your heart forever !

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I love you more than life itselfBut I’m afraid to love.My heart is like the fragile wingsOf a tiny little doveI’m scared to get too close.I feel that I can’t win.You’ll love me for a little whileThen you’ll set me free again.I’ve lived so long on hopes and dreamsI don’t know what to do.I don’t […]

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Just love me.Put no one above me.Just need meand please me.Just treat me right,and try not to fight.Just give me all you can.Be a real man.Just give me your heartand promise to never part.Just share with me your love,and we’ll put nothing above.All I need is just your love!!!

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