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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Me and My Loneliness

English - awesome comments

I wish someone could feel my loneliness,
Someone could sit and cry with me,
Wish someone would drop two tears for me,
Wish some one could feel my pain,
Wish some one would hold my hand and tell me
I am there for u.

Asked god why so much pain in my life ?
Why did u choose me to carry the cross of tears,
Why did u give me happiness and took it away,
Was not i worth for those happiness?
Why did u write my destiny where
I have to smile with tears filled in my heart?

I prayed very hard that wish someone could feel
The love that I have in my heart which i have hidden
In my heart with all the tears and pain

Is love like a valley of pain and ocean of tears?
It’s a beautiful feeling gifted by god ,
Is it a blessing or a nightmare for me?

But now since I am thinking about love,
I feel love is beautiful feeling,
I am lucky to get this feeling,
Even if I don’t have love in my life,
I love the feeling to cry for someone,
I love the feeling when my heart beat’s for someone,
I love the smile of someone even if i have tears,
I love the craziest things done by him,
I love the pain given by him,
I love the way he makes me feel that he loves me
Even if he does not,
I love to sit and think of him and smile
I love the feeling that he is beside me,
Even, if he is far a mile.

I love to smile with tears inside me,
I love to live with a feeling of loneliness.

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