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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

My Dear Friend

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So often we don’t take the time
To be aware of what is treasured
Not wealth or material things
But how your days are measured.

Friendship is very special
Cannot be bought or sold
It is precious brand new
Or priceless if it’s old.

Never forget your special friends
Treat them with loving care
If not they will leave you
When needed they won’t be there.

And so I want you to know
How special you’ll always be
Please know I’m right here for you
Just as you are there for me.

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So often we don’t take the timeTo be aware of what is treasuredNot wealth or material thingsBut how your days are measured. Friendship is very specialCannot be bought or soldIt is precious brand newOr priceless if it’s old. Never forget your special friendsTreat them with loving careIf not they will leave youWhen needed they won’t […]

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