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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

The Timeless Surf

English - awesome comments

I wish my flowing tears; stood witness,
to a crashing loneliness in this cess.
O’had I not made a forsaken start.
And none had bet for a broken heart.
Hopes, heart dashed to bits on distant isles,
to impassable barriers of a million miles.
The armada’s hopeless tryst with far-off rifts,
stand alone cluthing fistful sands, as it sifts.
Lost to anguish, hurting wistful desires,
ambers doused afore the raging fires.
I wish those memories; would just wash,
spare me the pain and enduring splosh.
Heaven intercede, to completely erase,
the mindless waves, sadness and craze.

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Ek shararat kertay hain
Aao mohabbat kertay hain

Hansti aankhon se keh do
Dareya hijrat kertay hain

Kuch dil aisay hain jin per
Hum bhi hakumat kertay hain

Koi baat to hai mujh mein
Dushman bhi izzat kertay hain

Zinda rehna hai dushwaar
Acha to himmat kertay hain

Waisay hotay nahi hain log
Jaisi chahat kertay hain

Aksar apnay aap se hum
Teri shikayat kertay hain

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