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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

This is Life!

English - awesome comments

When there is no friend,
When life is on the dead end,
When world is not a paradise,
When your confidence dies,
Tell yourself – Go on, THIS IS LIFE!

When things don’t go right,
When there is no ray of light,
And its too hard to survive,
Tell yourself – Go on, THIS IS LIFE!

When there is competition to face,
When you are lagging behind in the race,
When you’ve lost faith in God,
When you’re betrayed by a fraud,
Tell yourself – Go on, THIS IS LIFE!

When others don’t respect you,
When you’re not amongst the admirable few,
When for a question, you can’t find a solution,
When all you’re sure about, is confusion,
Tell yourself – Go on, THIS IS LIFE!

When your destination is miles apart,
When you don’t know where to start,
When all you see around is pain,
When your hardwork is in vain,
Tell yourself – Go on, THIS IS LIFE!

Even though all this happens
just have faith in self & face the life
with smile,
things will surely change one day
because as said “THIS IS LIFE …

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