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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Baat Bhula Di Humne

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Ab Kay Yoon Dil Ko Saza Di Humne
Us Ki Her Baat Bhula Di Humne

Ek, Ek Phool Bohat Yaad Aaya
Shakh-E-Gul Jab Woh Jala Di Humne

Aaj Tak Jis Pay Woh Shermatay Hain
Baat Woh Kab Ki Bhula Di Humne

Sheher-E-Jahan Rakh Say Abad Hua
Aag Jab Dil Ki Bujha Di Humne

Aaj Phir Yaad Bohat Aaya Woh
Aaj Phir Us Ko Dua Di Humne

Koi To Baat Hai Us Main
Her Khushi Jis Pay Luta Di Humne

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