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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری


Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Dil Tod Ke Tukde Kar Diye Ussne
Pal Bhar Bhi Iss Dil Ko Sambhalne Naa Diya Ussne

Aanaa Hai Uss Me Bohut Yeh Batana Usse
Woh Ab Mile Toh Haal-e-Dil Matt Sunana Usse

Akele Kis Se Utha Hai Taluqaat Ka Bojh
Woh Tumko Naa Yaad Rakhe Bhool Jana Usse

Kabhi Mujhko Sath leke Kabhi Mere Sath Chalke
Woh Badal Gaya Achanak Meri Zindagi Badalke

Hue Jispe Tum Meharban Woh Khushnaseeb Hogi
Meri Hasratein Toh Nikli Meri Aansoun Me Dhalke…

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In the small things of life,the greatest joys are found.In springs colored flowers,that dot the thawing ground.In Outrageous laughter,or inside a warm embrace.In the gentle smile,across a childs face.Without simple beauty,that surrounds us todayIt easy to get rapped up,in the things others say.Distracted by fashions,or desires and fame.Discarding uniqueness,in effort to be same.Its a simple […]

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