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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Kisi Ki Rah Me

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Kisi Ki Rah Me Aankhan Bicha Ker Kuch Nahi Milta,
Ye Dunya Bewafa Hai Dil laga Ker Kuch Nahi Milta,

Koi bhi luat Ker Ata Nahi Aanso Bahane Se,
Kisi Ki Yaad Me Dil Ko Rula Ker Kuch Nahi Milta,

Kisi Ki Dil Pe Kia Guzri Kisi Ko Kya Khaber,
Kisi Ko Apna Hal-E-Dil Suna Ker Kuch Nahi Milta,

Jo Dil Me Baat Hoti HaiWoh Khud Aankhain Batati Hain,
Kisi Bhi Baat Ko Dil Me Chupa Ker Kuch Nahi Milta

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