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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Mairay Sabar Ka Na Lay Imtihaan

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Mairay Sabar Ka Na Lay Imtihaan Meri Khaamoshi ko Sadaa Na De
Jo Teray Baghair Na Jee Sakay Usay Jeenay Ki To Duaa Na De

Too Azeez Dill-O-Nazar Say Hay Too Qareeb Rag-O-Jaan Say Hay
Meray Jism-O-Jaan Ka Ye Faaslaa Kahin Waqt Aur Barhaa Na De

Tujhay Bhool Kay Na Bhulaa Sakoon Tujhay Chah kay Bhi Na Paa Sakoon
Meri Hasratoon Ko Shumaar Kar Meri Chahatoon ka Silaa Na De

Wo Tarap Jo Shula-E-Jaan Main Thi Meray Tan Badan Say Lipat Gaii
Jo Bujha Sakay To Bujha Isay Na Bujha Sakay To Hawaa Na De

Tujhay Gar Milen Kabhi Fursatain Meri Shaam Phir Say Sanwaar De
Gar Qatal Karna Hay to Qatal Kar Yun Judaaiyoon Ki Sazaa Na De

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wo ishq jo hum se rooth gaya, ab uss ka haal bataaein kyakoi mehr nahin koi qehr nahin, phir sachha shayr sunaaein kyaik hijr jo hum ko laahaq he, ta dayr usay dohraaein kyawo zehr to dil mein utaar liya, phir uss ke naaz uthaaein kyaik aag ghame-e-tanhaai ki, jo saare badan mein phel gaijub […]

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