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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Tuje Chahna Meri Bhool Thi

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Muje Muaf Kar
Mere Hum’safar

Tuje Chahna
Meri Bhool Thi

Kisi Raah Par
Jo Uthi Nazar

Tuje Dekhna
Meri Bhool Thi

Koi Nazam Ho
Ya Koi Ghazal

Kahin Raat Ho
Ya kahin Seher

Wo Gali Gali wo
Sheher Sheher

Tuje Dhondna
Meri Bhool Thi

Mere Gham ki koi Dawaa Nahi

Muje Tujh Se
koi Gila Nahi

Tera koi Mere
Siwa Nahi

Yehi Sochna
Meri “Bhool” Thi..

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