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Hungami Haalat

Atif Aslam

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Atif Aslam is a super entertainer from Pakistan, promising to take the Asian Rock and Blues market by storm with his second super hit album "Meri Kahani" which he has composed and sung. Atif Aslam is one of the biggest selling Pakistani artistes in the world. With Lamhe & Aadat, followed by the world wide success of Doorie to his credit, he is the one who helped fuel the Pakistani rock explosion. "Meri Kahani" can simply be stated to be the journey and life story of Atif Aslam. It is a soulful, poignant album, composed, arranged 7 rendered with a kind of depth, sensitivity, feelings, artistry and sense of design that puts it in a class by itself. Atif Aslam is from Pakistan, the land of Punjabi folk music, the Heer and Sufiyana Kalam. The flavor of the soil of Multan, the mystique of the Aravallis and the icy wind of the desert of Thar all come together to breathe magic into the music of this region. And Atif takes the magical music to an international paradigm, weaving the simple tales of the heart and fetching stories of life into soft rock and blues. . A well trained voice, a deep identification with the simplicity of life in his homeland, a philosophical bent of mind, charming lyrics and fashionable musical arrangement all together make "Meri Kahani" a must - hear for fans of the contemporary music of South Asia. "Meri Kahani" is told as a story in the opening track - "Jhula Jhulaye Panghat". Atif Aslam paints a beautiful picture of his childhood and youth. The world was a happy one viewed from the comfortable lap of his grandmother. Life was a Cocoon of love and simplicity. The darkness of adulthood, the pain of the moment comes across poignantly in this nostalgic journey through childhood memories. Atif says, "Meri Kahani" it's all about my own childhood. The song is very close to my heart as I miss my nani (maternal grandmother) the most, apart from the old times with my friends and family. "Rabba Sacheya" is a spiritual song explaining the realities of life, says Atif. It is a wondrous track pleading for forgiveness and calling for patience in living the journey of life... "Meinu shahe ne chae di rab soneya mein ta izat da tukar mangda han". I don't need power or kingship. I want to live with respect and dignity. "ALLAH" gives me the patience that will bring me close to you. "Maan Hota hai" takes one into the childhood paradigm again when dealing with the pain of the present moment. The poet recalls that a childhood toy when broken caused pain but the toy could be mended and the tears wiped. What happens now when the heart breaks? How can the heart be mended? How can the pain heal? Joung is a beautiful track that again looks deep into the pain of life and loves from within the inner emotional experience of a drug addict, who, not being able to bear the agony of pain takes to drugs to numb the pain and later gets out of it. It looks at the follies of love and the spirit of going on with life. It is an ode to love. "Chhod Gaye" brings tears to one's eyes. The bard says - I ask for nothing but someone who I can call my own. Someone whose presence in my life can make me look at the simple things of life and just be. Life it is said is a sea of pain. And we go through life looking for just one balm to the pain - the balm of love is that asking for too much? Hangami Halat: Tarse man is look at current critical situation in the country and society from a philosophical perspective. It fits into the total ethos of 'Meri Kahani' - a saga of pain, feeling, intensity and depth finally coming through with wisdom about the reality that is life. Atif Aslam proves with this album that he is a holistic music creator - a true bard and story teller who sees music, song and performance not as routes to presenting himself as a star, but as canvases for seeking the truth about life, and presenting the pain and darkness that life can be. Atif proves that he has a remarkable capacity to touch the listener heartstrings at various levels. "Meri Kahani" will be remembered as a remarkable creation in musical composition, stylization as well as poetry. "Meri Kahani" is being released by Tips Music with three superlative music videos. The first video has been filmed on Jhula Jhulaye shot on the exotic locals of Kulu Manali, Rohtang Pass and Simla, and is directed by Shiraz Bhattacharya. The second video has been filmed in Pakistan on the memorable tack "Rabba Sacheya" that promises to be another landmark in the history of Punjabi rock. Hangami Halat has state of the art look very trendy sporty feel shot again in Pakistan


Artist: Atif Aslam
Video title: Hungami Haalat
Category: Pakistani Pop
Views: 2057

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