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Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift

Fast & Furious

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Song: Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift

#100 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada
#19 - Top Favorited (All Time) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada
#37 - Top Rated (All Time) - Autos & Vehicles - Canada

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
Fast and Furious (Drift, Drift, Drift)
Fast and Furious (Drift, Drift, Drift)

(Japanese verse)
Rasha ii, omachito sama
kenso mamiro konoma chinoenso dama
tamama ichii do itsu eoi de
sikayju miryu suruhudoni ko kana
Japan, Ichiban
Jump around sawchirono deban
Teriyaki Boyz in the place to be
he said intyaro kai in VIP

Many many diamonds danglin
Bag full of money we stranglin
Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me
All the above cuz you can't get in
I don't want no puro buremu
Because muy professional
Make you, shake you, ketsu (Thank you!)
Haters take it personal

(Japanese verse)
Like kakanada tai tets o now
drop it on lets go now
na nachima mai nimits o
lets not chiki chima over
wets go nets go
tsuhilohilo over every color
esgo esgol
ju waktu chunai niikro
new waksu itsukunai pingpoi


(Japanese verse)
HI. Wakashteruya
Boyz. ateyuma kitobas
noise. manshij kitemas indaghe
tow banow gazmo windemas
beyshiku wasupplies
de. majmanchika abunai
te. ninjehu kenjahu
dakido geisha
all on the rocks say

Should see me in the parking lot
7-11 is the spot
Fights with wings and shiny things
And lions, tigers, bears, Oh my ride
We're furious and fast
Super sonic like JJ Phat
An' we rock cuz the wheels are fly
Can't be doubt with a baseball bat

(Japanese verse)
Like kakaru a
kiyo koto sa
matata in dey soki sayk yo
ingosipta sh*to fokusai
tekimatzailo kwanzai
fola kwanza
fara daka bumotosto
dojidas score four points
from far east coast to
dosi sai
watashi no kansito


(Japanese verse)
ya, ichipa mayni chito kitong kitas
hito aylam tobi tobida
mueruyo sh*to bochi bochi na
kuma nigi dasusu kochi kochi eh
hito a puro do resow
machu subetenu rekong
mechakari mundantesha
fu guchaw chan
fast an furious

It's gotta be the shoes
Gotta be the furs
That's why ladies choose me
All up in the news
Cuz we so cute
That's why we so huge
Harajuku girls know how i feel
They respect i keeps it real
Not a Chinaman cuz I ain't from China man
I am Japan man

(Girls Talking) You see him come and go out of the black Benz SLR.
I wonder where he get that kind of money?
Don't worry about it.
Lets Go



Artist: Fast & Furious
Video title: Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift
Category: English
Views: 1476

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