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Dil Jala Hoon Bohat Mein

Kahin To Hoga

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Sujal cries while Kashish's vidaai take place

Dil Jala Hoon Bohat Mein Lyrics
--- Sujal ---
Dil jala hoon bohat mein
saari dunya jala doon
uski raahon ki saari
roshni mein bujha do
mujhko chahe zamana
auro se ye dil chahe
mujhko thukra ke kaise
chain se woh reh paye
mujhko tanhaye dasey
mujhpe dunya ye hasse
pyar ki hai ruswahi
meine aetbaar kya hai
na raha baaqi
thoda sa pyar hua hai
ab bhi hai baaqi
thoda sa pyar huaaaa hai
ab bhi hai baaqi


Artist: Kahin To Hoga
Video title: Dil Jala Hoon Bohat Mein
Category: TV
Views: 18173

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