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53 Arcade (53)

43 Action (43)

5 Cards & Casino (5)

34 Mind Games (34)

28 Racing (28)

24 Shooting (24)

45 Sports (45)

Donkey Kong II
Game Name: Donkey Kong II
Game Description: All time classic Donkey Kong game just like in video games to relive the past memories.
Total Played: 7760
Game Name: Droplets
Game Description: Left / Right arrow keys move your Droplet as he falls. Press Up to jump, but only when landed on a platform.
Total Played: 4410
Egypt Explore
Game Name: Egypt Explore
Game Description: Find all the treasures in the Pyramid, but do not get crushed under the moving grey bricks.
Total Played: 3140
Eminem Mania
Game Name: Eminem Mania
Game Description: Help Eminem to avoid the paparazzi and make his way on stage
Total Played: 7141
Farm Doggie
Game Name: Farm Doggie
Game Description: Snatch all the sheep before time runs out and don't get caught by the farmer!
Total Played: 6931
Game Name: Frogger
Game Description: Help Frogger get home by safely crossing obstacles like fast moving cars and cross a river by jumping on logs and turtles. Not all turtles are helpful though. You will have to safely take five frogger
Total Played: 6114
Go Go Sunshine
Game Name: Go Go Sunshine
Game Description: Just Control the Sun! Destroy the clouds to bring sunshine and happiness to the people of Go-Go land!
Total Played: 3491
In the Hell
Game Name: In the Hell
Game Description: Nick died and went to hell. He thinks this is unfair. Help Nick to go to heaven.
Total Played: 4418
Jump In
Game Name: Jump In
Game Description: Show your jump rope skills! Pass a level in 3 tries to unlock new clothes and backgrounds.
Total Played: 5179
Jungle Dave
Game Name: Jungle Dave
Game Description: Play Jungle Dave Game
Total Played: 8222
Little Rabbit
Game Name: Little Rabbit
Game Description: Little Rabbit Game: Collect carrots to score points. Explore the rabbit world to complete the level. Jump over the obstacles and enemies to avoid fall. Use up arrow to jump.
Total Played: 5924
Magic Bounce Ball
Game Name: Magic Bounce Ball
Game Description: Destroy the bricks by bouncing the ball and hitting them.
Total Played: 10437
Mario Islands
Game Name: Mario Islands
Game Description: Go on an adventure with Mario or Luigi to get as far as possible while earning coins.
Total Played: 10235
Marios Adventure 2
Game Name: Marios Adventure 2
Game Description: Yet another awesome Mario based game.
Total Played: 14634
Mission Candy
Game Name: Mission Candy
Game Description: Jump through the colorful worlds and collect all the candy...
Total Played: 4803
Monkey Pilot
Game Name: Monkey Pilot
Game Description: You are the pilot and you have to collect fruits... Enjoy the game!
Total Played: 5715
Monoliths Mario World 2
Game Name: Monoliths Mario World 2
Game Description: All the favourite game of everybody, Mario set in new environment.
Total Played: 32597
Game Name: Monsit
Game Description: A giant has been attacking the ancient islands. Try and collect the various flowers and defeat the giant! Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move and press the spacebar (or up) to jump. Jump on enemies
Total Played: 6620
Game Name: Pacman
Game Description: Pac-Man is an world most famous arcade game. How to play: Use the up, down, left & right arrows to move in the desired direction. Eat the yellow dots & avoid getting trapped in the corner
Total Played: 13139
Game Name: PacXon
Game Description: You must fill empty space and capture ghosts by building walls. Beware of ghosts. If ghost catch you, you will loose life.
Total Played: 19909

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