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53 Arcade (53)

43 Action (43)

5 Cards & Casino (5)

34 Mind Games (34)

28 Racing (28)

24 Shooting (24)

45 Sports (45)

Ludo Mania
Game Name: Ludo Mania
Game Description: Role a six to get your piece out of the box. Select a piece to move around the board. Move all your pieces to Home location to win the game.
Total Played: 106883
Mine Sweeper
Game Name: Mine Sweeper
Game Description: Another version of the classic minesweeper game.
Total Played: 5507
Naughty kitten
Game Name: Naughty kitten
Game Description: Instruction: Using the mouse click on the small green dots to prevent naughty kitten outside the window.
Total Played: 10792
Game Name: Nodes
Game Description: Instruction: Click and Drag the Nodes, Get the Laser through all the circles
Total Played: 6897
Rubik Cubes
Game Name: Rubik Cubes
Game Description: Classic Cube Game
Total Played: 7600
Spore Cubes
Game Name: Spore Cubes
Game Description: Spore Cubes is the game of Cubes. Click groups of two or more of the same-color cubes to make them explode. The goal is to clear all cubes and attain a score of ZERO.
Total Played: 10566
Game Name: Tetris
Game Description: This Tetris is a high-speed tetris clone. Play Tetris game online.
Total Played: 11748
The Maze Game
Game Name: The Maze Game
Game Description: Instruction: Stay away from lines.
Total Played: 9151
The Worlds Hardest
Game Name: The Worlds Hardest
Game Description: This is the world's hardest game. I guarantee you it is harder than any game you have every played or will play.
Total Played: 19601
Tic Tac Toe
Game Name: Tic Tac Toe
Game Description: A World's most popular game Tic Toc Toe.
Total Played: 11537
Trapped Ball
Game Name: Trapped Ball
Game Description: Not so simple Trapped Ball game. A maze game with some different and difficult moving spikes. Avoid them and reach the finish point.
Total Played: 8321
Will it Fly?
Game Name: Will it Fly?
Game Description: How many passengers and how much cargo can you successfully take off with, and still outclimb obstacles and terrain
Total Played: 7151
Yeti Bubbles
Game Name: Yeti Bubbles
Game Description: A great action based puzzler where you have to toss coloured bubbles together.
Total Played: 10406
Zebra Crossing
Game Name: Zebra Crossing
Game Description: Help Pedestrian to Cross Road...
Total Played: 9385

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