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Computerized Clay?

What if a material could be manipulated both digitally and physically through a seamless two-directional interaction?
As a designer you know that there are limitations to the sketching, renderings and imaging that one does. Despite the 3D images, you still need to translate your ideas into an actual physical form. The existing human-computer interface designs limit our “tactile faculties”. The Digital Clay is an attempt to surpass the physical and digital divide via touch.

Notes from the Designer:

“Digital clay is a material interface that helps satisfy the needs of today’s technologically driven society by providing the means for new forms of remote physical communication and interactions. This interface has important implications for areas ranging from design, to communication and entertainment. As a physical 3D modeling tool, it is the first step towards a future of materials with the ability to transfer three-dimensional information digitally, democratizing digital technologies for all users. The interface creates a two-way interaction between a digital interface and a physical surface, allowing users to manipulate physical objects through the computer, or vice versa. This creates a system where users can manipulate forms physically and digitally through a seamless two-directional interaction.”

Designer: Isabel Lizardi

Digital Clay by Isabel Lizardi



Motion Sensitive Remote Control

When the Nintendo Wii came along, the world changed. The world of video games, the world of remote controls, that particular world. We got up, we went outside, and we started to play sports and do exercise for entertainment again! Oh wait that didn’t happen at all! We might go there again someday but for now, our world’s got things like Ryan Sorrell’s “Remotion” – Nintendo not affiliated.

Up and down for volume, left and right for channel changing. How much simpler can you get? I imagine a bit of carpal tunnel for those surfers who are extra intense into high-volume channeling. Watch out for THAT.

Designer: Ryan Sorrell

Remotion Remote Control by Ryan Sorrell 01

Remotion Remote Control by Ryan Sorrell 02

Remotion Remote Control by Ryan Sorrell 03

More Than Words

Is your phone a camera or the camera your digital player as well? Confused? You ought to be! As newer generations in gadgets and devices come out, the clear demarcation of their lineage gets blurry for the sake of multi-functionality. In the name of salvaging individual identity, mintselect @ mintpass has designed a range of devices in the typographical form of their function. Called the “Used as Read” series, the stackable lineup includes a speaker, a remote control, a woofer, a music player and amp, a radio and a lamp.

Designer: mintselect @ mintpass




Used as Read Media Devices by mintselect @ mintpass


Used as Read Media Devices by mintselect @ mintpass 2

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