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SMS Ka Tadka

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Tum meri CHAHaT ho
tume koi chahe Q
tum mera AINA ho
tume KOI dekhe Q
Tum meri DUA ho
tume KOI mange Q.

Santa: I’m very kanjoos,
I went 2 honeymoon alone
& saved 1/2 money
Banta:u r nothing I saved all my money,
my friend was going
& I sent my wife with him

Haayh ki lakiro par aitbar kar lia
Bharosa ho gaya to hadon ko paar kar lia.
Khona pana to nasibon ka khel hai
Bus dil se jis ne pyar dia.
Use pyar kar lia.

Don’t only be close with someone who makes u happy.
Be close with someone
who cannot be happy without you.
It makes a lot of difference in life.

Success without a positive attitude
is called LUCK
and Success with a positive attitude
is called ACHIEVEMENT,
so be an achiever..
Have a successful life.

“Treat everyone with LOVE,
even those who are rude to you,
not because they are not nice,
but because YOU are nice !!

A True Friend Is 1
Who Sees D 1st Tear In Ur Eyes
& Catches D 2nd & Stops D 3rd 1
& If The 4th Comes Thn Slaps U & Say
“Lo Ab Khul Ke Ro”

Karni khuda se kuch fariyad baaki hai,
hume unse kahni kuch baat baaki hai,
maut ayegi to keh denge RUK !
Aabhi ek dost se mulakat baaki hai..

Ek parinde ka dard bhara fasana tha
Tute the pankh or udte hue jana tha
Tufan to jhel gaya Par hua ek afsos.
wahi daal tuti jispe uska ashiyana tha.

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give..
Focus on what u r moving towards,
rather than what u r leaving behind.

Wo Akele Chal Diye
Or Hum Yuhi Khade Reh Gaye
Har Baar k Jaise Aaj Bi
Aansu Humare Beh Gaye
Yad Kiya Sabko Usne
Bus Ek Hum Hi Reh Gaye..

People have an invisible thread
that connects dem 2each other
so when u feel sad and troubld,
jst pull d thread
i m alwys be dere
at d othr end..

HE: I waited so long for this.
SHE: Do U want me to leave?
HE: No. never!
SHE: Do U love me?
HE: Yes I did, I’m doing & I’ll do.
SHE: Did you ever cheat me?
HE: I would rather die than do it.
SHE: Will you kiss me?
HE: Surely, it’s my pleasure.
SHE: Will you hurt me?
HE: No way, I’m not such a kind of person.
SHE: Can I trust you?
HE: Yes.
SHE: Oh, Darling!
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