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Gadget Guru

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The Little Star Table

Here’s introducing one of the most contemporary Industrial Designers from the UK: Ben Huggins. His Little Star table project is a simple mathematical endeavor. Craft a line here, stack an angle there and you’ve constructed a very chic table! Three tables can be cut from one 1200mm x 2400mm sheet of 15mm ply by CNC router and Ben’s been hand-crafting them all. No screws or fixings, it comes in this neat pizza-style box.

Krystal World - little_star1

Krystal World - little_star2

Krystal World - Ben Huggins Little Star Table

This Tree Is Artificial Green

A tree that limits itself to only the air cleansing function. Oh yeh, it’s prepped up with some LED lights to create a warm ambience, and a seating ring at the base, to rest your tired feet. The over-all vibe is of a tree alrite, and here is how it works. The tree has an electronic fan (in the base) that sucks in ambient air and pumps it through the HEPA filters to remove all impurities. The refreshed air, then blows out from the top of the structure. I can see this as a helpful prop in malls where I can rest after a serious session of retail therapy.

Designer: Seung Jun Jeong

Krystal World - Air Tree Ambient Air Purifier And Seating Area by Seung Jun Jeong

Krystal World - airtree

Krystal World - airtree2

The Braille Phone

Hello there! I want to tell you about the thing called “collective conscious”: It’s a theory which says we (humans) all share, on some level, the same databank of knowledge, learning and creating together.

Right after (or right before) you take a peek at this design, be sure to check out the version that Seunghan Song designed. Compare and contrast! Then look at this! It’s got raised and lowered portions to create braille using what’s called Electric Active Plastic (EAP!) Several different modes can be activated: text, braille numbers, roman-character numbers, and off (all lowered.)

It can send and receive phone calls and texts, displaying texts in braille in the space normally reserved for a screen on the average phone.

Designer: Seon-Keun Park

Krystal World - Universal Cellular Phone by Seon-Keun Par

Krystal World - braillephone02

Krystal World - braillephone03

Krystal World - braillephone04

Krystal World - braillephone05

Krystal World - braillephone06

Krystal World - braillephone07

Talking Dumbbell, No I’m Not Crazy

My trainer would go ape nuts for this concept. The Mint Dumbbell speaks. Workout programs can be personalized as a trainer walks you thru every rep. It even has sensors to smack warn you when you’re not in form. Working out with a set of dumbbells? These guys wirelessly communicate to keep you going. When all is said and done, the charging station charges/syncs and tattles sends all that data to your trainer. I imagine mine would just laugh uncontrollable at my feeble attempts.

Designers: Mintpass

Krystal World - dumbbell5

Krystal World - dumbbell

Krystal World - dumbbell2

Krystal World - dumbbell3

Krystal World - Talking Dumbbell by Mintpass

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