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Robotic Wheelchair

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Wheelchairs are a dime a dozen but the advent of advance and affordable robotics is truly enabling the disabled. The CARRIER Wheelchair does almost everything – making sure the user is fully independent, capable of traversing any terrain and situation.

The frame is specially shaped to maneuver over a commode. A trap door opens so you can use the toilet in a dignified manner. No need for awkward transfers or assisted lifts. Stairs and inclines are a cinch too. A Galileo Wheel combines a wheel and track into a single drive with advantages from both. The entire chair even lifts to help you reach higher objects.

Nice concept tho not the first of its kind – the CARRIER seems well thought out and ripe for production. Hey, I’m all for design that can improve quality of life.

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier2

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier3

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier4

Robotic Wheelchair - CARRIER Robotic Wheelchair by Julia Kaisinger, Mayrhofer Mathias, Iranmanesh Niki, Demiric Bilge & Benesch Xiulian

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier6

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier7

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier8

Robotic Wheelchair - carrier9

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