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SMS Ka Tadka

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“I Value my friends
More than I Value My Life.
So When i say u r my Friend,
It’s Just As Gud As saying u r My Life”.!

My Hearts Made 2 Luv U
My Lips Made 2 kiss U
My Eyes R Made 2 see U
My Hands R Made 2 Hold U
Evry Part of Me Wants U
Coz I Was Made Jst 4u..

Dost Samjhte ho to Dosti nibhate rahna,
hamai bhi yad karna, khud bhi yad ate rahna,
meri to khushi Aapse he hai,
mai khush rahu ya na,
bas Aap muskrate rahna.

A Relationship Doesn’t Shine
By Juz Shaking Hands
In Best Time! But It Blossoms
By Holding Hands Firmly In Critical Situation !!

Mahive: U Look “Sweet” when U Open MY sms,
U Look “Sweeter” when U Read & smile,
..But U Look “Sweetest” when U Rply.
..So Always Try to Look Swetest..

Aankho K Sagar Me Jalan Kaisi hai
Aaj Dil Ko Tadapne Ki Lagan Kaisi hai
Barf Ki Trah Pighal Jayegi Zindgi
Mujhse Puch PYAR Ki agan Kaisi hai

While Dad was polishing his new car,
his 4 yr old son pickedup a stone
& scratched lines on d side of d car.
In his anger, Dad took child’s hand
& hit it many tmes,
nt realizing he was using a wrench.
At d hospital, his child said,
“Dad,wen wil my fingrs grow bck?”
Dad was so hurt.
He went bck to the car
and kicked it a lot of times.
Sitting back,he looked at d scratches,
child wrote “I LOVE YOU DAD”

MORAL:- Anger & Love have no limits.

A Message 2 Start ur Day
A Prayer 2 Bless ur Day
A Cheer 2 Perfect ur Day
A Moment 2 say
Take Care & Have a Good Day….!

Apne Dard Ko Daba K Dekho,
Ek Baar Nhi Hr Baar Apna K Dekho,
Log Kabhi Milte Nhi Ek Jaise,
Kuchh Logo Ko Ek Baar Phir Ajma k Dekho.

Hotho pe aaj hasi khil ayi he,
Pyar ki kimat ab samajh ayi he,
Zamane wale bhi na kar payenge hume alag,
Agar Rab Ne Hamari Jodi Banayi Hai.

Smile a while, & when U smile,
smile another smile
& soon there will b miles
& miles of smile
bcoz you smiled
i wish ur day is full of SMILE

Dil Ke ZakhM Pe Mat Ro Mere Yaar
WaqtHar ZakhM Ka MarhaM Hota hai
DilSe Jo Saccha Pyar Karta Hai
Uska To Khuda B Diwana Hota hai.

V neva think of hurting those
who r vry close 2 us
but it happens dat v land up hurting dem d most
Bcoz its alwats true dat CLOSENESS HURTS.

Sucheta Chauhan

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