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The Folding Bike Zoom

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Zoomla is not a conventional bike. That’s RIGHT that’s because it’s not. It’s the Zoomla. It’s just so classy. The fold is a single-pivot. That’s it!

This bike incorporates a system called TorqSteer, eliminating that whole messy steering tube ordeal. There’s no pedals! no no there ARE pedals. Those two orange pedals right there are pedals, known here as the Pedaldeck. This bike uses an internal drive system rather than the usual crank and pedals.

And down there, in the pics, what’s that turtleshell there? Oh that, that’s a freaking backpack! It’s optional and attaches just below the seat for fashion fabulousness.



Zoomla folding bike by Eric Stoddard of SpeedStudio Design

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