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Lions attack trainer at Ukraine circus, Parents and children run for their lives

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Lions attack trainer repeatedly while onlookers and kids at circus watch on in horror in L’viv Ukraine. The gate is opened while handlers run in and out. Parents and children run for their lives out of the L’viv Circus.

Lions attack trainer at Ukraine circus

The countries of the former Soviet Union have a circus tradition that goes back at least 100 years and their performers are known around the world.

However, over the weekend a performance at one of those circuses went horribly wrong and an American family caught it all on video.

Ukrainian lion tamer Oleksie Pinko had already been wounded when Doug Shepherd’s father began shooting the terrifying video. The trainer can be seen trying to keep the lion at bay with a steel rod.

The lion can be heard roaring before it lunges and strikes — biting down on the trainer’s left arm.

Circus workers quickly attempt to hose down the angry lions – separating them from their prey. The crowd can be heard screaming in terror.

The attack follows another dangerous incident a month ago at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel when a lion turned on its trainer.

While that attack happened behind protective glass, only a netting appears to separate the lions in Ukraine from the circus audience.

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