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What is SOAPA (Stop Online Piracy ACT)? and How does SOPA Work?

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What is SOAPA (Stop Online Piracy ACT)? and How does SOPA Work?

What is SOPA (Stop Online Piracy ACT?
A new bill allow the US Government to block Americans from visiting websites.

How does the Blocking work?

DNS Blocking
THe US sets precedents for Internet law around the globe which means censorship could become the new standard.

When does a site get blocked?
A few infringing links are enought to block a site full of legal material, and site become liable for user-posted content.

A Website operator could face US web traffic blocked, AD revenue blocked & Search traffic blocked. As a result Site’s self-censorship increases dramatically. Fewer startups launch, due to riskier legal climate.

What sites are at greatest risk?
Anywhere people are expressing themeselves or finding content: social networking, hosting sites, personal pages like facebook, youtube, twitter, vimeo etc.

How does this affect Any American User?
– Sites you visit daily could be blocked.
– Email providers may be foreced to censor certain links you send or receive. *
– The links and contents you share on social networks will be carefully monitered and possible censored.

* No doubt they’ll accidently remove legitimate links, when looking for infringing links.

How does this affect Anti Censorship Initiatives?
– TOR website blocked
– Alternative DNS blocked
– Tools used by democracy activits in China and Iran will be blocked in the US

Could this possibly become the Law?
Yes, the following two bill have lot of support in congress, thanks to numerous lobbies.
1 – SENATE: Protect IP Act.
2 – HOUSe: Stop Online Piracy Act.

An organization backed by Mozilla, Creative Commons and Wikimedia has created this above infographic that shows the effect the bill could have on internet companies.

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