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An Offering of the Heart

April 23rd 2015

The pieces of me Were falling through the cracks The pieces of me Shattered from the past These pieces I’ve Been missing so long You’ve put them back Where they belong In your shirt pocket Grazing your chest Where those pieces are safe And can be loved best You’ve found those shards Where someone’s thrown […]

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Last Night

September 20th 2014

Last Night I lost my grip on reality and welcome insanity Love saw me and said, I showed up. Wipe you tears and be silent. I said, O Love I am frieghtened but it’s not you. Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. be silent ~ Rumi

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Would you care if …

March 27th 2014

Would you care if we quit talking Would you care if I went walking I need to know how you feel So I know how to deal I like it when your by my side I hate it when you try to hide I wish I had more trust in you but it’s kinda hard […]

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I Miss…Missing You

April 27th 2013

I miss… missing you chasing you wishing for you to wish for me. I miss… excitedly telling you who I am and who I wish to be. I miss… not knowing when I would see you hold you exhale your breath. I love us now… don’t misunderstand… but the anticipation and the adventure at times […]

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Love Chemistry

October 2nd 2011

Kiss me until my lips can feel it Love me because my heart needs it I want to sink in the guilt of this pleasure as much as no unites can measure Love me cause I always breath it I fell for you never go away Also need your heart please give it Take away […]

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My dream girl, My sweet wife

September 4th 2011

She moves through my dreams as a star in the night Her hair soft and long Her eyes glowing bright Her countenance sweet She is patient and kind And yet has a strength That you don’t often find. This smile of hers I have never seen a mischievous child with the grace of a queen […]

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I Am Your Friend

January 18th 2011

You may not have ever seen me But you know that I am here. You can feel me in your heart As you enter each new day. I will always be there for you I am your friend. Someone to share the good times As well as the bad. I make no judgments by what […]

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Often times, I ask myself

November 12th 2010

Often times, I ask myself Am I really me or someone else… Only with you, I feel whole; When you’re gone, I feel like a lost soul. So many things I have to face So many pains I hide and leave no trace However, when you open my heart you will see How much one […]

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Oh Friend Ol’ Ben, Time and tide…..

August 22nd 2010

Glittering, gleaming, fairly sighs. Wrinkled, shriveled, wizened eyes. Beware! Sham vibrant fetching ties. Some so hiding monstrous lies. Seen much verdure, autumn shades. To greedy glee, gone gifted glades. Tick tock dally! Oh, friend ol’ Ben. Thumbing noses? Since who knows when! In dimensions, dreams, sentinel stands. Stroked and cloaked by cheated hands. Witnesses fair […]

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One Word Can Frame The Goal

July 24th 2010

One song can spark a moment, One flower can wake the dream. One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship, One handclasp lifts a soul. One star can guide a ship at sea, One step must start each journey. One word must start each prayer. One hope […]

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Success is speaking words of praise

July 23rd 2010

Success is speaking words of praise, In cheering other people’s ways. In doing just the best you can, With every task and every plan. It’s silence when your speech would hurt, Politeness when your neighbor’s curt. It’s deafness when the scandal flows, And sympathy with others’ woes. It’s loyalty when duty calls, It’s courage when […]

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Daughter Of Nile

June 23rd 2010

Pair of warmest, shiny, amber eyes. See through deceit and alluring lies. Fairest damsel in rank and file. A gem, a jewel, the daughter of Nile. Cultured, enigmatic, vivacious smile. Ready to help and go that mile. The Nile inside dances and bubbles a song. Like its water that means no wrong. Deep springs well […]

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