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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

An Offering of the Heart

English - awesome comments
The pieces of me
Were falling through the cracks
The pieces of me
Shattered from the past

These pieces I’ve
Been missing so long
You’ve put them back
Where they belong

In your shirt pocket
Grazing your chest
Where those pieces are safe
And can be loved best

You’ve found those shards
Where someone’s thrown them away
You’re now who will
Keep them safe

Be careful because
My thinly severed parts
Hardly resemble
What once was a heart

They may embed
Themselves within
And splinter you with
Broken passion

I may not give you all of me
But I can share my pieces
A bite of me is all you need
The bite that never ceases


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Jeena chahte hai magar zindagi raas nahi Aati,
marna chahte hai magar maut paas nahi Aati,
Bahut Udaas hain hum is zindagi se,
Kismat bhi Tadpaney se Baaz nahi Aati

جینا چاہتے ہے پر مگر زندگی راس نہیں آتی
مرنا چاہتے ہے مگر موت پاس نہیں آتی
بہت اداس ہیں ہم اس زندگی سے
قسمت بھی تڑپانے سے باز نہیں آتی

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Teri kismat ka likha tujhsay koi lay nahi sakta
Agar bharosa hai Khuda per
tou tujhay woh bhi mil jayega
Jo Tera ho nahi saka

تیری قسمت کا لکھا تجھ سے کوئی لے نہیں سکتا
اگر بھروسہ ہے خدا پر تو تجھے وہ بھی مل جاےگا
جو تیرا ہو نہیں سکا

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