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Before It’s Too Late

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“Before It’s Too late”
By Saqlain MEHDI

Before it’s too late, consider your fate.
Before it’s too late, observe where you stand.

Before it’s too late, take action against those
Who lie and deceive to destroy our beloved homeland!

Before it’s too late, take time to do homework.
Look into the options not fed by the “Man”.
His money owns media and works in dark places.
His soul has been sold to destroy all he can.

Before it’s too late, to fight for your Liberties,
Before all the doors have closed to our stand,
Before it’s too late, speak out for your freedoms
They’re leading this nation like birds in their hands.
Before all is over and this great land fails
And citizens rot in their new master’s jail
Before Martial Law demands your respect
Before all you didn’t do, you come to regret
Before you watch families, left out on the streets
And hear all the agony of regret and defeat
Before New World Order is “Soup of the Day”
Before every Liberty is taken away
Before all the poor are devoured, enslaved
And patriots lay in freshly dug graves
Before they stop by to pick up your guns
Before you pack light and live on the run
Give Wisdom her hour, and listen with care
She speaks for your freedom and warns of despair
She cries through the mouths of the lowly and poor
She walks your street shouting, and pounding on doors
Awake, you who slumber
Awake those who sleep
Awake before Wolves
Devour the Sheep
Awake to the process, so cleverly designed
By devils and foxes who devour the creeping plant
The fruits of this Nation, the poachers do steal
While blissfully you slumber, accepting their deal
Let no one deceive you, let no lying lips
Cause further destruction and fast sinking ships
For fear and control they set up these crimes
And do well by media to sell all their lies
Search for the people, take care who you follow
This may be the last time we all get to follow!!!


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