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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

I miss you with every beat of my heart

English - awesome comments

Today I m feeling so low as you are not with me,
I miss u every moment wherever I may be.

My mind sets no where and just thinks about you,
I wanna talk a lot with you but our talks are due.

My lips are trembling and calling your name,
I cannot see you in front of me and I m going through this pain.

My tears are in trauma should they flow out or lay inside,
they want to roll down my cheeks but could not decide.

My one hand holds the other as it cannot hold yours,
It wanders for only your warm touch , I m sure.

My heart beats gets faster wishing you might be here,
giving me the feel of joy, love and care.

How much I love you is all i know,
i just feel it and I dont want to show.

I miss you with every beat of my heart, no doubt
you are the only one of whom i can think about…


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Usko itna faqat bata daina
itna aasan nahi bhula daina

teri yaaden bhi teray jaisi hain
inko aata hai bus rula daina

chhupaaye rakhna dil ke zakhmon ko
sataye dard phir bhi muskura den

log zalim hain inki aadat hai
uthtay sholon ko bus hawa dena

ab nahi aaye ga laut kar
chhor do usko tum saza dena

اسکو  اتنا  فقط  بتا  دینا
اتنا  آسان  نہیں  […]

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Kabhi yaad aaye tu pochna?
Zara apni Khalwat-e-Shaam se,

Kisay ishq tha teri zaat se?
Kisay pyar tha teray naam se?

Zara yaaad kar wo kon tha?
jo kabhi tujay b azeez tha?

wo jo gee utha teray naam se,
wo jo mar mitta teray naam se?

Hamain be-rukhi ka nahi gila,
K ye wafaoon ka hai sila,

Magar aisa jurm tha kon sa?
Gaye hm […]

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