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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Missing You Incredibly

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Dandelion wakes with the breeze
Seeds Scatter to the wind.
Just like the days seem so long,
Nights seem longer without you.

I want to whisper your name,
loud enough for you to hear.
Praying it will carry on the wind.
I sing hope that our love never ends.

Tomorrow is another day,
Will I be lost to time you have?
I am sure you will be too busy,
To truly think of me.

I wish I could only believe that,
But I know in my deepest heart.
I am fighting a battle I cannot see.
You are fighting most of all.

I wish life were so trivial with the mundane.
Forever in your arms I will always be.
Do you know what your love means?
Giving me a hope that together we can be.

So here I sit waiting for the time
Minutes upon hours tick by.
I hope you are well and safe,
Because in my heart that is all I can do.

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