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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

My Daughters

English - awesome comments

I thanked God for you, precious gift!
To me, you were such joy to behold,
you made my spirits lift!

I would make great plans,
for us to share everything together.

The talks, trials and experiences,
braving all the stormy weather!

I imagined your first step you’d take,
all the pretty dresses you would wear!

I would fix your hair in ribbons,
all the secrets we would share!

My love for you, filled me up.
I didn’t think I could be more blessed.
Each day as you grew older,
my love grew too, I was impressed!

There have been many changes,
all my dreams are different, somehow!

You went beyond my expectations,
as I see you grown up now!

You are truly God’s creation!
A gift that was Heaven sent!
God showed His love for me,
in you, my greatest present!

Thanks for Being a Great Daughter!
I Love You

By your Loving Mother


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