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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hai

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Gamon Ko Mujhse Ek Chahat Si Ho Gayi Hai,
Main Udaas Nahi, Udaas Rehne Ki Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hai,

Ye Kaisa Wakt Aaya Hai Ke Subah Bhi So Gayi Hai,
Kudrat Se Shayad Roshni Hi Kho Gayi Hai,

Jane Kyon Wo Mujhse Ajnabi Sa Ho Gaya Hai,
Lagta Hai Aisa Ke Phoolon Se Khushbu Hi Kho Gayi Hai,

Ye Kaisi Hawa Mere Jism Ko Chhu Gayi Hai,
Ukhdi Ukhdi Saans Bhi Be-Rubt Ho Gayi Hai,

Kyon Zindagi Ki Raat Itni Taweel Ho Gayi Hai,
Mujhse Shayad Dosti Ki Bhool Ho Gayi Hai,

Ab To Duniya Bahut Khush Ho Gayi Hai,
Saans To Chal Rahi Hai Lekin Rooh Saath Chhod Gayi Hai…


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