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Shayari and Poetries اردو شاعری

Aaj Uski Yaad Ne Hume Tadpaya Bohut

Urdu Shayari - awesome comments

Aaj Uski Yaad Ne Hume Tadpaya Bohut
Aaj Naa Chahte Hue Bhi Woh Yaad Aaya Bohut

Uske Baad Toh Jaise Weshatoun Se Dosti hogayi
Phir kyun Aaj Tanhaiyoun Ne Daraya Bohut

Woh Mera Tha…. Mera Hi Rahega
Humne Aise Qiyaloun Se Qud Ko Behlaya Bohut

Shamma Ke Jalne Par Hum Afsoos Karein Kyun
Humne Bhi Manind Shamma Qud Ko Jalaya Bohut

Humne Jis Kisi Ko Bhi Humdard Samjha Apna
Woh Naa Jaane Kyun Humare Dukh Pe Muskuraya Bohut


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They are all around us.We see them.We use them.Some are harsh words…Some are soothing words . . .Some are biting words. Words can give pain and sorrow;Words can give joy and pleasure. They are vital for all communication.When words are spokenthere are going to bereactions. . .Negative or positive.Either thoughts are triggeredOr emotions fired, or […]

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Usey mainy he likha thaKay lehjey barf ho jayen to phir pighla nai kartey,Parinde dar k urr jayen to phr lauta nai kartey,Usey mainy he likha tha,Yaqeen uth jaye to shayad,kabhi wapas nahin ata,Hawaon ka koi tufaan, kabhi barish nahi lata,Usey mainy he likha tha,Kay sheesha toot jaye to kabhi phir jurt nahi pata,Jo rastey […]

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